The Wrekin

No. 133 of the 200 Greatest UK climbs

Start - this junction and the quarry car park on left are the start of several Strava segments for this hill.

The road has rough patches and isn't too steep - 6% may be - so it's easy to go for it as you climb up through the thick woods.

The road doesn't go over the actual Wrekin - that's to the right as you climb.

Eventually you come out into the light and onto a flat road near a farm. The Wrekin is way over to the right now and ahead of you is the final ramp which is the real challenge of this climb. A straight gradient rising to 19% towards the end. Just remember to hold plenty back for this 200m steep bit.



Ave. Gradient:5.9%
Max. Gradient:19%
Elevation Gained:94m
Conditions:steepest bit is also the roughest